QualityWings Simulation Ultimate 787 Released For

Posted on Wednesday May 23rd, 2018 by AAL106 Jeron Bradshaw

At long last, the QualityWings Simulation Ultimate 787 has been released for Prepar3D V4. With the highly successful release of the 787 for FSX, the QualityWings beta team has been hard at work testing this bird to get it ready for v4. With several new improvements on the model, EFB and performance, simmers will enjoy flying one of the most modern aircraft in the 64-bit sim.

The Prepar3D V4 version comes with a huge feature set, and includes plenty of bug fixes and updates from the FSX version. This is based off months of feedback from the community.

Both the 787-8 and the 787-9 will be included in the package, with the -10 variant coming soon. Not only have the aircraft been modelled visually in high quality, but also the unique characteristics of each plane has been created. This includes the the 787-9 HLFC system. Both aircraft include the 787 specific autodrag function, maneuver load alleviation, wing-flex and smooth animations.

Inside, simmers will find that each of the huge high resolution displays are undockable. Expect to also fly with accurate autoflight and autoland systems. The electronic flightbag will enable you to use a dynamic chart system as well as make use of an onboard performance tool. Furthermore, the heads up display comes with both normal and decluttered mode. There’s also an onboard airport display system, weather radar and electronic ‘normal’ checklists. Furthermore, TFDi Design’s True Glass has been included.

Sounds have been modelled on the real aircraft for both the GE and RR variants, as well as EICAS Aural warnings, GPWS and flight deck environment sounds.

Version 1.10.0 of the aircraft comes with a whole bunch of bug fixes as well, including improved ground handling during taxi, configuration files being saved and Airport Map taxiway, runway, and gate highlighting. Most of these changes and additions will be coming to the FSX version as well. You can read the full change log in the user manual (page 417) found on the QualityWings website.

You can buy the QualityWings Simulation Ultimate 787 for Prepar3D V4 right now from Flight1’s store for $69.95.

However, if you already own the FSX version, you can get it for 50% off for the next few months. To get the discount, you first need to download a discount coupon file from Flight1. Before purhcase, you will then need to press the coupon button and then select the coupon. Make sure you have your original FSX order number and original purchase email ready. Once done, it’ll be available to buy for $34.97. This will be valid until August 1st 2018.