Airline Statistics

Overall Stats
Active Pilots92
Total Legs21352 Legs
Total Hours59659.4 Hours
Total Passengers Flown3379350
Average Hours Per Pilot648 Hours
Average Legs Per Pilot232 Legs
Flight Schedule Entries22835
Unique City Pairs2652
Monthly Statistics
Month/Year Average Flight Length Most Flown Aircraft Pilot of the Month Number of Pilots Total Legs/Hours
January 20182.8 HoursBoeing 737-800 (738)AAL881 William Parker208311 Legs, 860.7 Hours
December 20172.6 HoursBoeing 737-800 (738)AAL285 Alexander Kochkin199355 Legs, 935.3 Hours
November 20172.4 HoursBoeing 737-800 (738)AAL609 Joe Maggio199304 Legs, 735.9 Hours
October 20172.4 HoursBoeing 737-800 (738)AAL609 Joe Maggio193310 Legs, 729.9 Hours
September 20172.5 HoursBoeing 737-800 (738)AAL864 Erik Davidson186228 Legs, 561.8 Hours
August 20172.7 HoursBoeing 737-800 (738)AAL864 Erik Davidson185235 Legs, 626.3 Hours
July 20172.6 HoursBoeing 737-800 (738)AAL864 Erik Davidson178318 Legs, 832.4 Hours
June 20173.2 HoursBoeing 737-800 (738)AAL477 David Casanas162289 Legs, 928.9 Hours
May 20173.2 HoursBoeing 737-800 (738)AAL595 Rhys Bates163350 Legs, 1110.9 Hours
April 20172.6 HoursBoeing 737-800 (738)AAL606 Conor Mcewan147429 Legs, 1115.2 Hours
Flight Statistics
Average Flight Length2.8 Hours